We are proud to announce our partecipation to YAC competition for the project of a new children library in Collodi, Italy, the small town where the author of one of the most famouse novel lived and wrote “Le avventure di Pinocchio. Storia di un burattino”. The competition, in collaboration with Collodi Foundation, gives designers the opportunity to create an unprecedented project.  They are given the opportunity to design the first and largest children library inspired by the fairy tale of Pinocchio.

Our project has been selected between the 30 finalists.

The project’s aim is to accompany children (and adults) inside a playful journey able to fascinate, to surprise and to amaze in the wonderful landscape of Collodi. The project idea stems from the desire to create a sequence of different places and landscapes able to ‘complete’ the enclosure system defined by the Carteria, defining a “physical tension” with the opposite bank of the stream. The Carteria defines the border of the intervention and, at the same time, integrates itself with the new foreseen intervention by welcoming the exhibition space of the new complex.

Accompanying the child through play and the surprise is the idea that goes through the whole design intervention. From the roadside a new entrance has been defined: a filter between inside and inside that welcomes visitors in the Corte dei Miracoli. Corte dei Miracoli is a protected space that allows children to explore the place and the landscape; it is a “magic box” that opens onto different spaces and fantasy places.The Corte dei Miracoli is the core of the project, it is imagined as a central space able to orientate with respect to the different activities present in the area. From the Courtyard a pedestrian path that crosses the river and leads to the Biblioteca del Gioco, a place where everything can happen!

The Biblioteca del Gioco is an open volume that allows to freely move and explore the space below. Nothing is as it seems, the irregular volumes are connected to the lower floor generating multiple visions and allowing children to be immerse in the fairy tale, in the story, in the books.The Biblioteca del Gioco is a child-friendly “village”, brings to our mind Geppetto and his
puppets while the wood, which gives life to Pinocchio, is the material used for this intervention.

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