About the studio

S64 is a studio, a laboratory, a creative space.


The head architect Giuseppe Pastonesi establishes his work on passion and competence, qualities that are reflected in his constant search for emotion and trust, as it is his belief that the success of any project is founded on the relationship between professional and client.


The team of architects is a young and smart one that constantly challenges the studio with new ideas of innovation. The team continuously confronts itself with new techniques and materials and always keeps an eye upon the panorama of contemporary design.


Projects that come out of the studio range into all kinds of fields from staging cultural and business events, stands, showrooms and store interiors. The team follows the project from the initial input up to the timely realization. Each project will always be unique, followed attentively from beginning to end and focused on creating emotions in the people who interact with it.



Ivan Ashkinadze, Claudia Azzalini, Deniz Basok, Michela Cannavale, Ronay Chivas, Marcello Corradi, Lucia Fabbiocchi, Martina Faccini, Martina Fatato, Elena Fiocchi, Davide Franzosi, Desislava Georgieva, Nina Gerosa, Martina Longo, Beatrice Marino, Martina Marone, Alessandro Minotti, Giovanni Moioli, Luca Montanarella, Hoda Nekouei, Matej Paladin, Daniele Panni, Mariyana Paskaleva, Francesca Petrò, Jacopo Santi, Valeria Sapigni, Alessandra Schneuwly, Lorenzo Serra, Mirela Teofanova, Roberta Testori, Aleksandra Todorova, Marchela Varbanova, Andrea Velkoska, Alice Zingales, Fabio Zinna